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   The cookies represent text files which are saved from the internet page on the hard disk of the User and allow reproduction of information for the User, thus identifying him/her and allow following of his/her actions, the internet sites that he/she visits, the hyper-connections, which he/she uses, the information, which he/she uses or saves, etc. Some cookies are due for the normal operation of, while others are making more pleasant the use of our Website. You can control those cookies, which are due to improve the User’s experience, through he function “management of the data and the cookies”, available in your web browser. The Website uses the following types of cookies:




 Required Cookies: these are cookies which are substantial in order to implement the action, which you desire, for example to enter your personal account. If you refuse the cookies by changing of the settings of your device, we cannot undertake full functionality of our Website during your visit on it.


  Cookies for improved work: these are cookies, which improve the work of our Website, for example for making analyses, which allows us to understand how our Site is used and how can we improve it. These cookies are used for collecting information for the mode, by which our visitors use our Site. It is collected anonymously and we collect the number of users, where are they from, as well as the pages, which they have reviewed.

 Marketing Cookies: these cookies are used in order to spread special advertisement messages to respective devise (and not to respective person, identified by his/her name or in another way) which are adapted for the work of the Internet Site, related to that or to another device (for example by clicking on advertisement banners, visited pages, search of words, etc.) These cookies are used also to restrict the number of times of viewing certain advertisement by one user, as well as to measure the efficiency of the advertisement campaign. They can also remember the fact, that the Site was visited by certain device and to forward this information to marketing companies. The cookies for marketing on our Site are also managed by third parties under our instructions. They also allow identifying the advertisement source, by which the visitor has been directed to our Internet Site, so we can establish whether it is of our interest to invest in this source.




 ✓ Functional cookies: these cookies improve the functioning and operating of our website, in most cases due to exactly determined action of the user. For example We may personalize the contents, which We will offer you, or to memorize your preferences.


✓ Cookies for sharing in social networks by third parties in relation to contacts in the social networks: the use of social networks allow saving of cookies by their users. These cookies allow Our users to share information in certain social network, but also they allow the administrator of the network to accumulate data, concerning the use of the Internet Site by the user in his/her personal profile.



There are also some functionalities for review of behavior and data, which are owned by third parties. For example:

  • Google analyics – With the purpose of anonymous statistics of the amount of users, who visited the Website, as well as their behavior during the visit;
  • Facebook PIXEL – a targeted advertisement of our products;
  • Google Remarketing – you shall be able to see our advertisements when you visit websites, which have Google banners.

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