Date of publication:13 june 2023

One of the most prestigious and significant events in the field of real estate - Residential Expo 2023 took place in Sofia in June. This exhibition, organized with the cooperation of leading players from the residential sector, including the Lipite Complex, attracted the attention of experts, professionals and consumers interested in innovations and latest trends in the field.

The organisation of Residential Expo 2023 was filled with professionalism and attention to detail. The event was held in the Sofia Event Center hall, which was divided into different sections. The exhibitors were construction companies, investors, architects, project management companies, real estate agencies.

One of the leading participants in the exhibition was the team of "Lipite" complex, offering an affordable combination of a peaceful and cozy living environment, excellent location, low-rise construction, functional architecture and quality performance guaranteed by an international investor and professional project management.

At Residential Expo 2023, various types of real estate were presented - from new residential complexes and family houses to modern apartments and luxury residences by the sea. Visitors had the opportunity to browse a variety of offers, get information on different financial options for buying a property and consult with specialists on the planning, design and construction process.

In addition to real estate presentations,experts and industry representatives met in panel discussions where they shared experiences and gave predictions for the future of the housing market.

By participating in the exhibition, the Lipite complex strengthened its reputation as a modern and innovative player in the Sofia housing market. The presentation of the complex created excitement and interest among the visitors and potential customers who headed to the complex in search of their ideal home.

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